Monday, March 24, 2014

So far so good!

My third Fitbit works!!!
I hope it will not stop working but so far it works( knocking on the wood).I love it.
I am the crazy lady i have Fitbit Flex on left arm and Jawbone on the right. They both show similar results.
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fitbit Flex vs. Jawbone UP review

#FitbitFlex, #JawboneUP
As a technology savvy girl i decided to try to use technology to help me with my weight loss journey.
After some research I bought Fitbit Flex.
It worked perfectly for 30 days  and then stopped working. Customer service of Fitbit is wonderful. They sent me the new Fitbit Flex pretty quick unfortunately the new unit didn't work at all. I was really frustrated. I was using the Fitbit for a month and loved it. I contacted customer service and the sent me the third one. I am still waiting for this. Hopefully it will come soon and work. I read lots of reviews and it seams to me that i am just very rare unlucky one. Well girl can dream. Anyway, after i figured out that my second Fitbit flex does not work, i went to BestBuy and bought Jawbone UP ( with 2 years protection plan, just in case ;)).
I was using Jawbone UP for couple of weeks now. Here is my 2 cents in comparing working Fitbit Flex  and Jawbone UP.
Bracelet: Jawbone UP is winning. Cuter design and secure. I almost lost my Fitbit since the Fitbit bracelet is not as secure. I had to put rubber band on the bracelet to secure it, had to get creative.
User Interface: Fitbit is definitely winning. First Fitbit app is available for Android, IPhone and PC.
Also i can access my online Fitbit account and see my data using internet browser. First my Fitbit syncs with Android,  then app syncs with online account. Jawbone UP data is available on one device only.
Data Sync: Fitbit is winning here also. It syncs through BlueTooth with Android, IPhone, Computer, Galaxy Pad, IPad... My Fitbit was constantly syncing with my phone, so i could just look at the app and see how many steps, calories, etc... Jawbone UP has to be plugged into phone to sync data. I know that there is Jawbone UP24 available with wireless, but only of IPhone, Since I do not have an IPhone I cannot use it.
Water Resistance: Fitbit is water proof. I can take shower or go swimming with it on. Jawbone UP is not.
General: Jawbone UP has button I have to push  at beginning and end of the exercise. Guess what, I'm constantly forgetting to do so: so my exercise data is not getting properly logged. Same with sleep if i forget to push button to set the sleep mode, my sleep is not logged. Fitbit does not require any of it. I can set sleep time and exercise type later or before without remembering buFtton pushing. Jawbone UP needs to be calibrated for more accurate measurements. Have to walk some distance and enter data to jawbone, Means i have to know distance. Means i need some other device to measure it first.  I didn't do it yet.
Also i was a little disappointed with Jawbone UP after high intensity Kick Boxing class, i had to describe exercise as difficult, since Jawbone UP didn't register it automatically based on motion like Fitbit did.
I hate to say it, but the main advantage of Jawbone UP as it is working, functioning so far, and Fitbit didn't last long.
Again I really love and prefer Fitbit, I hope my third one will be the lucky one.

7 lbs off

I've lost 7 lb. More you weight more you loose during 1 session of the Japanese Diet.
When i was 200+ lb i was losing 14 lb on this diet.  This time I've lost only 7, but i am happy. I need few more to lose.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Another lb is off

Today I will have fruits for dinner.  Yumm

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lost 1 lb so far

I am 1 lb down. Not hungry, but craving donut.  Today will have black coffee and thin whole wheat bagel for breakfast,  zucchini and apples for lunch and big dinner.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First day

I got sick today. It didn't stopped me from starting my diet.
First day goes fine. Just had my lunch. I fired eggs instead of boiling in olive oil, and had romaine lettuce instead of cabbage, I added few cucumbers and tiny mount of balsamic vinegar. Will see if those modifications will slow my weight loss. They made my lunch more enjoyable for sure.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Starting tomorrow

Today I slacked.  It was a day off. So we went out for lunch. I had nice burger. Had it healthy.  As much as burger could be healthy.   O well tomorrow will be coffee for breakfast.  No milk. Will have to kiss latte good bye for 2 weeks

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starting again

I am very frustrated.  I eat good and excercise every day. But I gained. Not sure if i am eating too much or it is just age. I am about 12 lb overweight now. I hope it is a muscle weight. But I have some imperfections I would like to fix. So I am going on Japanese diet starting Monday.  Will keep the progress here.
Today I am going to Pilates Boot Camp at Mind the Mat  #minthematchallenge
The best boot camp for civilized girls
 I lose about  700 calories in one hour.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So far 4.5 lb down .. I am on my 4th day. I know that progress will slow down for a few days the key is not to lose motivation!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Second day

Couple of weeks ago I could not fit into none of my shorts I was fitting into perfectly lasts summer. It was probably the strongest motivation for this round. Second day went smooth. Not hungry at all